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Three Decades of Experience

We Are Advanced Pain Medicine

Advanced Pain Medicine has a unique philosophy of pain management. We were founded in 2004 to provide real answers and lasting help for those who suffer from chronic pain – a founding philosophy that many say is unique to the pain management field.

Based on the individual

Our Philosophy

Under the direction of Dr. Mark LoDico, Advanced Pain Medicine has developed a specific, definitive approach to individual problems with pain. While other clinics often simply take orders from patients’ physicians, with a generalized approach to pain, Advanced Pain Medicine focuses on your specific situation.

What We Do to Help You

First, each patient undergoes a thorough examination and medical history, which is then reviewed to confirm or diagnose the cause of the patient’s pain. We then develop an individual treatment plan.

Generally, your treatment will begin with a series of epidural steroid injections. Then, according to the degree of pain relief, your treatment may include nerve blocks and diagnostic procedures to accurately identify the origin of the pain.

We may also include a regimen of pain medication in your treatment plan, which is specifically tailored to your needs. Monitoring your body’s reaction throughout the course of your treatment is vital in the proper diagnosis of the cause of your pain, so it is important to adhere to the plan, even if you feel the procedures are not helping.

  • After not being able to do any household activities for 3 entire years and going through physical therapy and 4 Neurologists with no relief my cousin recommended that I try APM. I went thru multiple different treatments until I received a spinal cord stimulator 6 weeks ago. I have had amazing relief and would recommend them to anyone.

    Virginia B.

  • I have received injections at many different pain clinics and was astonished how much better they were at APM. It was a night and day experience! It was a fast and painless process at APM and I would recommend all of my family and friends to their offices.

    John L.

  • I have been seeing the Physicians and PA's at APM for about two years ago. They have treated me in many ways...first they gave me injections in my back about a year and a half ago, then right before Halloween last year I went to see Jason (PA at APM) and explained to him that I experienced sharp pains between my shoulder blades and into my chest two nights prior along with tingling in my fingers. Jason did not like this situation and sent me immediately to the ER for blood work. The blood work showed that I had suffered from a Heart Attack two nights prior and needed surgery immediately. Jason is my guardian angel! He also always listens to me when I tell him what is wrong.

    Claudia N.

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