Success Stories

These are some of the personal stories of patients that inspire us to keep doing what we do best.

“Jason Fantini, P.A. actually read my letter and was prepared and excited to help me. I had never experienced anything like it, or met anyone like that in the medical profession. This was my first visit to Advanced Pain Medicine of Wexford, PA. Over the bad winter of 2014, February I think Jason, and all of APM, take pain management, pain medicine and the suffering of their patients very seriously They want true and accurate information, backed up by test results, not stories aimed at procuring drugs. Jason is a very no nonsense young man, wants me to get to the point, but so long as I am staying loosely on point he will listen and process the things I am telling him, separating complaining from factual, medical data.  They saved my life, APM, bottom line, folks. I was done, the gas tank empty… I saw, for the first time in my life, no hope, no solution. This ever positive man, the old boxer who always answered the bell… I was alone, and I was in trouble, bad… and they saved me. God put them in my way”

Mark P


“After not being able to do any household activities for 3 entire years and going through physical therapy and 4 Neurologists with no relief my cousin recommended that I try APM.  I went thru multiple different treatments until I received a spinal cord stimulator 6 weeks ago. I have had amazing relief and would recommend them to anyone.”

Virginia B.


“I have received injections at many different pain clinics and was astonished how much better they were at APM.  It was a night and day experience! It was a fast and painless process at APM and I would recommend all of my family and friends to their offices.”

John L.


“I have been seeing the Physicians and PA’s at APM for about two years ago. They have treated me in many ways…first they gave me injections in my back about a year and a half ago, then right before Halloween last year I went to see Jason (PA at APM) and explained to him that I experienced sharp pains between my shoulder blades and into my chest two nights prior along with tingling in my fingers.  Jason did not like this situation and sent me immediately to the ER for blood work. The blood work showed that I had suffered from a Heart Attack two nights prior and needed surgery immediately. Jason is my guardian angel! He also always listens to me when I tell him what is wrong.”

Claudia N.


“After my car accident, doctors tried a lot of procedures. I finally got relief when Dr. LoDico implanted a morphine pump in my back. It’s wonderful. I’d recommend these people to anyone.”

Carol C


“After I hurt my back packing boxes at work, my doctor referred me to Dr. LoDico, who relieved the pain with lumbar injections. I couldn’t have gotten through this difficult time without the help of Dr. LoDico and his staff. He’s the man!”

Michelle L


“The pain in my legs and back was so bad it made me sick and I couldn’t walk for weeks. Lumbar injections by Dr. LoDico relieved the pain. Now I feel like a new person.”

Sarah T


“Dr. LoDico is the greatest. I feel great after my procedure. He listened to me and not only helped me with my back problem, but helped to address all my other pain concerns. He did my procedure on my neck 9 years ago and I feel perfect.”

Rhonda M