About Us

A Unique Philosophy of Pain Management

Advanced Pain Medicine was founded in 2001 to provide real answers and lasting help for those who suffer from chronic pain — a founding philosophy that many say is unique to the pain management field. Dr. Mark LoDico founded the practice on new thinking in the field of pain management, drawing upon his considerable experience and expertise in anesthesia and related fields, working in leading medical schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions.

Understanding the needs of patients who suffer from severe pain, Dr. LoDico has opened fifteen strategic locations throughout the Pittsburgh area — locations intended to be convenient to both patients and the offices of physicians who may refer patients.

Do you happen to have Hip, Knee or Shoulder pain? We are currently engaged in clinical studies to investigate how proprietary stem cell technology will regenerate cartilage and reduce pain and inflammation in degenerated tissue. Unlike other methods of stem cell therapy, the major advantages of using this patented technology is the ease and speed of processing (minutes instead of hours) and most importantly, NO USE OF ENZYMES or chemicals.

A Philosophy Based on the Individual

Under the direction of Dr. Mark LoDico, Advanced Pain Medicine has developed a specific, definitive approach to individual problems with pain. While other clinics often simply take orders from patients’ physicians, responding with a generalized approach to pain, Advanced Pain Medicine focuses on your specific situation.

How Dr. Lodico’s Philosophy Reaches Out to Each Patient

Dr. Mark LoDico, founder of Advanced Pain Medicine, insists on being personally involved in the treatment of every patient. A competent team of licensed physicians and a knowledgeable group of support personnel examines every new patient, and actively participates in studying the causes of each patient’s pain. Dr. LoDico leads the group’s formulation of a comprehensive plan to provide real, lasting relief for each patient. And then, Dr. LoDico personally administers specific treatments — morphine pumps, lumbar injections, medication regimens and other treatments necessary to provide patients with lasting pain relief.